Are You Digging Deep Enough?

by Susan Novicki

“Are you going broad enough and deep enough when you landscape?”

This is a question I find that I ask fairly frequently.  Even though everyone knows that there are multiple people with discretionary budgets at most companies, very often we tend to just target the marketing manager.  Many times sellers will research and as soon as they find a marketing person they assume this is “the one” and target just this person.

As we all know, we rarely get a decision-maker on the phone with an initial call or with one email.  As a result, many weeks can be wasted leaving messages and emailing just one individual as that person may not have a budget to fund programs.

It is important to find many people who could possibly have responsibility for some kind of funding within a company.  Many times I will find people who I know will not be my decision-makers but who could ultimately get me to the decision-maker.  These are the influencers and they can be just as important as those that sign the contracts.  If we can get someone within a company to have interest in the solutions that we can bring to the table to help them with their initiatives or with issues they might be having, we have a chance of closing business.

If we continue to call just one person in the hopes that we can connect and that when we do connect that they have money for a solutions-based program, we are livi

So as you start to work a prospect, or as you look at your current list of prospects, ask yourself “who else in this company could have money to spend?”  “Who else in this company could be an influencer to help me get to the appropriate people and close business?”

Start researching broader and deeper in every company you are working – how much more successful can you be with this strategy?  Also, look at your current business; are there opportunities to garner more dollars by finding other divisions to call on?

Always think about working broader and deeper within every company that you make contact with and you will ultimately be much more successful.

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