Idea Starters for your VBR

by Susan Novicki

I was brainstorming recently with one of my clients.  They had done a need analysis with a healthcare prospect that had ambitious goals but they only had $25,000 to spend.  Timing was pretty open but they would not be ready to start anything for at least a few months.   Always thinking 3 months out, I immediately thought of June being Men’s Health Month.

We have done many programs in the past around Men’s Health Month and this would be a great way to create a smaller program around a specific event – and not one that we have to build.  Many times we can create a concept that ties into something happening at that time period.  Men’s Health Month is an opportunity for companies to highlight issues that affect men and this is a great springboard for multiple advertisers.

I googled and found many other events occurring in that month that could also be a springboard for business.  Also organizations like the RAB and TVB have a list by month for potential promotions.

Let’s look at June for example:

June is both Dairy Month and Dairy Alternatives Month.  Did you know that June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month or National Soul Food Month or the Great Outdoors Month or LBGT Pride Month?  June is also National Safety Month and Cataract Awareness Month.  It is International Childhood Cancer Awareness and International Men’s Month.

The list goes on and on into the obscure but any of these could be “ticklers” for you to brainstorm new leads and new ideas to present to a potential client.  This could also be the “Valid Business Reason” to initiate a call.  Many times this can be an opening for a conversation and we will walk away with a completely different homework assignment.  But it was our catalyst to engage the decision-maker in a need analysis conversation.

And every month has a similar list -this is nothing new or earth shattering but sometimes we forget to go back to the basics.  Many times the things that we did years ago can be re-tweaked and made new.  We are still doing diabetes programs, especially in November around National Diabetes Awareness Month – but did you also know that November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month?  Just a thought as you prospect and “create” great ideas.

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