Shift the Conversation

by Ginny Speaks

I have been reading a lot about content marketing this year.  This is a hot topic in the online social marketing discussion groups and made me start thinking about the sales cycle and the content of our discussions throughout the whole sales process.

As a media marketing specialist, where do you spend most of your conversation?  Do you talk most about your format and reach?  How about the strength of your numbers, market ranking, and deliverables?  Or, better yet, the deal/package of the week?  Don’t get me wrong.  These are all important factors, yet out of the gate with a new business prospect I encourage you to begin shifting your conversations from a media one to a consumer behavior discussion.

Capturing new business begins by educating the prospect on how you can help their business/brand get the consumer engaged, to act.  The delivery part comes after an objective has been established and the assignment is captured.   Start the conversation shift with these questions:

  • What is the most important objective you would like to accomplish with your marketing campaign?   Is it getting the consumer in the door, products in consumer’s hands, or driving sales via couponing?  If not one of these, then what?
  • Currently how do your consumers interact and engage with your product, service or company?  What has been the most effective means of reaching them?
  • Who is your current core customer and is there a new customer you would like to see more of?  (Include psychographics in this discussion, so that you can establish a consumer profile and lifestyle to reach)
  • When evaluating your current marketing strategies would you say you are more focused on awareness or call to action?

Once you have flushed out a specific consumer objective, then you can direct the conversation accordingly.  Follow these 5 simple steps on every call and you will move the sale forward each and every time.

  1. Define consumer/brand/company objectives
  2. Establish likes/dislikes and marketing channels
  3. Explore ideas and direction of strategy
  4. Recap discussion
  5. Agree on next steps

This shift in conversation takes practice, but once the shift takes place, not only you will see an increase in capturing assignments but your closing ratio will too!

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