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Stories Build Credibility

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

by Ginny Speaks

One of the things I love about my job when conducting sales trainings, is that I get to tell stories. Whether in a training session or on a sales call, I find that when I connect the information with a real live example of how the information has been applied and deliver it in a story, the message really resonates. You can feel the energy in the room shift. This skill set, the ability to tell a success story, is a powerful tool that can elevate your sales presentations, strengthen your needs analysis calls and help you build instant credibility with your prospect on how you can deliver.

I encourage you to take time and review your successes over the past quarter, then over the past year and take note of those campaigns you were most proud of, the promotions that brought the best results and how you solved client’s needs. Then write them down. Make a one-sheet of these successes and begin to recite them to yourself, to your colleagues and to your family until they are ingrained and flow easily.  Make sure to limit the story to about 5 minutes and hit the high points.  Follow this simple outline and your stories will make an impact:

Set up the story by setting the stage. Tell the name of the company, the decision maker’s title and what the assignment is.

For example; We worked with the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications to provide a new communication channel that helps Blue Bunny Ice Cream connect with “Jake” via his mobile phone during one of his regular stops at a convenience store.

Establish the challenge, the competitive advantage. What is the main goal or outcome of the assignment?

The challenge was to create an incentive to get Jake, who shops at a c-store frequently during the week instead of going to a grocery store to purchase Blue Bunny ice cream, engage via mobile and sign up for coupons and register to win opportunities throughout the summer that would provide incentive to purchase, opportunity to win and open up a continuous dialogue with Jake.

Share how you provided a solution. The highlights of the campaign created.

We created a mobile campaign titled “Get the Scoop”. Jake was encouraged via in- store signage and staff buttons to join the Blue Bunny summer mobile club and receive exclusive coupons throughout the summer by texting “BLUE” to a dedicated campaign short code, and automatically be entered to WIN an iPad and get a free ice cream that day. Once he signed up, we pushed messaging and coupons out each month with a different offer to purchase throughout the summer.

Share the results.

The client was happy as Jake engaged. The list of engaged consumers were given to the client for future promotional use.

See how powerful that is? A good story will engage your prospect and help them see tangible ways on how your services can help them accomplish their goals. Start today and build your very own success story database. Then, make a commitment to become one of the best storytellers in your market.