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Do You Have a Level 5 Commitment? Does Your Staff?

Monday, June 13th, 2016

by Susan Novicki

When we take on a new client we interview the salespeople and rank them by five levels. The top level, Level 5, is “I’ll do whatever it takes”. Of course my favorite people to work with are the ones that are a Level 5. What makes a Level 5 commitment?

Recently I heard a story about a salesperson that we work with that caused me to take pause and think about what it truly takes to be successful in today’s business climate. There are some sellers that do a good job, those that do a great job, and then there are those that we refer to as a Level 5. Here’s a story to frame up that Level 5 commitment.

This seller always does her homework before she picks up the phone. In her pre-work call, she did all of the standards that we teach — she read the Morrison and Abraham company profile, visited the website, checked out the contact’s LinkedIn profile, read articles written by the person and articles about the company, etc. In her homework she found an interview with the decision-maker (the President of a major company) stating his favorite food was  strawberry rhubarb pie. Even better, he listed the recipe with tips to make it perfect.

When the seller made the initial call she used this in her voicemail sharing her love for the same pie and saying that when they met (although this was her initial call and she didn’t have the appointment) she’d make him a pie. This landed her a call back. Why? Because she did her homework, relating to something that was obviously important to him and she made the call real and human.

This is good but not what makes her a Level 5.

He called her back and during the call she confirmed her credibility and talked about how she could help the company with the issues they were facing and she got the appointment, with the President joking with her about the pie. This is where most people would stop, but she made a decision to show up with the pie! Fast forward to the meeting and she walks into the room holding a box. The conference room had other staff from the company and she placed the box in the middle of the table, demonstrating her Level 5 commitment to doing business with them. This made a lasting impression with everyone in the room. They enjoyed the pie and discussed doing business together. It would have been easy to just show up and have some banter about her voicemail but she backed it up. The rep ended up closing business and executed the program the same way with a fantastic recap for more business.

There are salespeople that are successful without doing all this but they still do their homework, dig in and find a reason to make the call and have a great needs analysis conversation to close business. Even though the pie would not always secure a close, it does demonstrate a level of commitment to success which says “I will do whatever it takes to be successful”.

Let’s look at the levels and think about how your team measures.

  • Level 5 – I will do whatever it takes
  • Level 4 – I will do my best
  • Level 3 – I’ll try, I might, I could
  • Level 2 – I want the result but don’t want to put forth the effort
  • Level 1 – I don’t want to be here – you can’t help me

What level of commitment does your team demonstrate? I assume that you have moved anyone out that is a Level 1 or 2 but is there room for improvement in your team? How many Level 5′s do you have?