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Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

by Ginny Speaks

This year I have been working on several new corporate projects where I am assigned sellers across the country and work with them one on one implementing experiential training. We are working leads, calling prospects, opening up new doors, brainstorming ideas, capturing tie-in partners and working cohesively towards a common goal to secure new business. It has been rewarding in so many ways, yet not without challenges. Challenges are part of everyday life, especially in the sales arena.

One of the biggest challenges we experience as sales people is connecting with people when we call. In today’s fast paced work culture, with people on the go, it is hard to catch prospects in their office and to get them to pick up the phone. This is a challenge we face daily and how we respond dictates our success. The great thing a challenge does is it gives us the opportunity to respond. The question is, how do you respond when a challenge arises?   Do you face it head on and keep going? Or do you give up?

During the course of these projects, we have encountered this particular challenge and we have chosen to stay the course and respond with the following techniques:

  • Be pleasantly persistent in calling prospects weekly, leaving compelling messages.

80% of calls are returned after the 5th message and most sales people give up after 3

  • Leave weekly messages for 6 weeks, changing days and times when you call, to increase your chances of connecting

Most of us have weekly routines: days in office and days in field

  • Follow up the calls with compelling emails giving the prospect several times you are available for a phone meeting

To increase response rates, email communications should end with a next step and not be open ended

  • Work with a tenacious spirit, a purpose, a firm determination to connect

Attitude and energy play a huge role, so check in with these!

  • Work with the goal to conduct exploratory conversations to determine a course of action

Ask questions to determine a project or bring it to a no and move on

Sales is a numbers game — it always has been and always will be. How you choose to play the game determines the outcome.

The next time you find yourself frustrated with the challenge of not catching prospects in their office, implement these techniques to take control of your business and watch your connections increase.