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Success Breeds Success

Friday, April 8th, 2016

by Susan Novicki

Success stories are a great way to garner new business – and not just from the client that you had the successful campaign with, but with other prospects – both within the same category and for a completely different type of company. In fact, success stories are one of the most valuable tools that you have in your arsenal. Even if you personally have not done the program that was successful, but someone within your station or cluster or company has, you can talk about its success. It’s called using the “we” vernacular. For example, if you are calling a brand new consumer packaged goods prospect for the first time you may include “Within our cluster we just finished a successful integrated traffic driving program with Safeway”.  What does this do?

First of all, it gives you the power to talk with confidence about what you do and how you help your clients.

Second, it gives you credibility with the client.

A client wants to work with someone who exudes confidence and works with clients like themselves. When I am making calls with sellers and we get someone on the phone, the decision-maker most times is intrigued and wants to know more about what we have done and how we have helped people like themselves. This will usually flow into a conversation about how we can help them.

The great sellers keep their own library – it is their “brag book” of successful campaigns. As you continue to develop successful programs, continue to add case studies that you can talk about and include if need be after a conversation with a decision-maker.

Success stories can also help you with idea starters.

You don’t want to call a prospect and push an idea immediately -this could backfire if the idea doesn’t interest them. You don’t know what they are interested in or what their initiatives are – although you should have done some research to make an educated guess and that is where the success story, or case study, comes in handy. Many times a decision-maker will say to a seller calling them cold “what have you got?” And the answer is that you “have a lot of ideas based on what you have read about the company but everything you do is customized so you would need to ask some questions to make sure that what you put together will work for them.” This is when you can also talk about some of the successes that you have had in their category or with their company in another market.

If you have just finished a needs analysis conversation and your next step is to come back to them with some ideas, the best thing to do is review your library of successes or talk to your peers about successful campaigns that your station or market has done.

One of my favorite acronyms is R&D – and it is not research and development – it is Rip Off and Duplicate! There is really no such thing as a brand new idea – it’s taking that idea, freshening it up, including social media, mobile, digital, and experiential around the idea to make it new.

Again, reviewing success stories can be a great way to spur activity for you. We have a database of successful campaigns within our network of clients and if a seller is working a category, this is a great way to both find leads to call on and to have ideas that you can throw out to initiate a conversation. I am sure you have a library within your market or company as well. It is a very powerful tool.