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Trends Can Initiate a Great Conversation

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

by Susan Novicki

Greetings from the NAB Radio Show in Atlanta. There’s some great information being shared here and of course, I am always on the search for new trends in different industries because it keeps me current and because it helps to initiate more business for my clients.

Yesterday morning I sat in on a session on “Financing the Future of Radio”. Wells Fargo’s CFA, Davis Hebert, gave a review of the industry and economic trends. They reviewed many categories of business and how they are trending as well. They talked about automotive, which, even though the September numbers do not come out officially until later today, is pacing to hit $18M SAAR which is the best in ten years. Retail and Telecommunications were also discussed. I happened to be sitting with the CMO for a healthcare organization and he turned to me and said “What about healthcare? It’s one of the fastest growing industries right now.” He has been in the job just 9 weeks and he is making big changes. Just like we have been saying, he knows that he has to create opportunities to engage and interact with consumers at a local level.

Later in the afternoon I sat in on a session with agency media buyers where they spoke about what is happening in their world. They talked about the fact that their clients are looking for a strong ROI and want data to back it up. This is why digital is so appealing, and they also said they know how important broadcast – including content integration, social media and events – is in conjunction with digital to help integrate the client into the community. One media buyer actually urged sellers to go directly to the client and do a need analysis, understand who they are specifically trying to reach and what they want to do with the consumer, all the while keeping the media buyer and agency in the loop. This is a breath of fresh air – but of course this is coming from just one media buyer.

It is amazing how much information you can learn in a very short time. I have been speaking on Trends 2016 for the past few weeks and there are tremendous opportunities across many categories of business.

Automotive is on fire and projected to have the best year since 2005 and September seems to be proving this to be true. It seems that everything is about health and wellness for 2016. With the changes occurring from the ACA and the shortage of primary care physicians, both insurers and health systems are looking for creative ways to engage, attract and retain healthcare consumers. In grocery, the produce department has become the focal point and organic continues to grow. Beverage is highlighting natural and craft based on sales growth and water is on track to outsell soda by 2017. In home improvement, baby boomers are updating their homes in preparation for retirement. It goes on and on.

This is just a small sampling of what is happening moving into 2016 and these, as well as all of the other trends, represent an opportunity for us to garner more advertising and marketing dollars. Trends 2016 is one of our more popular meetings that we run with our clients, keeping them up-to-date on what is happening across various platforms of business and where opportunities can be found.

It is crucial that a seller is up to date on the trends that are occurring in the categories of business that they are working. Discussing trends can help introduce a valid business reason for making the call. And more importantly, it can direct a seller to viable new prospects and categories of business. This information helps a seller sound more intelligent and more informed without a lot of heavy lifting. It is all that is needed to start a conversation and get the decision-maker talking.

Thus the key to success — ask a few questions and get the decision-maker to talk and give us a homework assignment.