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It’s A Head Game

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

by Ginny SpeaksĀ 

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a 5K race to challenge myself. Indeed it was a challenge! Not only because it was a rolling hill course, but just the race itself and I’m glad to report that I rose to the occasion. It wasn’t easy or pretty, but I got the job done. I started off strong and was pacing well and found myself about half way through feeling my legs get tighter, my breathing faster and then my mind started to play those mental games with me. It was telling me I needed to stop; my heart rate was too high, I wasn’t going to make the finish line, what were you thinking and so it went. This was the challenge I signed up for — the opportunity to sharpen my mental game and let the power of positive thoughts guide me to the finish line. Every time a defeating thought would enter my mind, it gave me the opportunity to respond. I chose to take control over my thoughts and not listen to that inner voice trying to derail me; instead, I began talking to myself with positive statements. I would tell myself, you are doing great, keep going, your legs are strong, and you got this. I kept running, stayed the course, focused my thoughts and crossed the finish line encouraged that when the mind is focused the body responds.

I share this story as we pace to finish Q3 strong and begin to plan for next year to encourage you to stay the course and challenge yourself. Plan to sharpen your mental game and see how your business builds.

A big part of our day is mental. How we respond to receiving a no from an expected yes or how we handle client issues, deadlines and work pressure can give insight to our mental toughness. For example, when you go to cold call, do you get yourself jazzed up with a pep talk or do you dread picking up the phone already defeated by expecting no one to answer?

Understanding the head game and learning to play can guide you towards success. The game is really simple. There are two rules of engagement and two options to move. It is as simple as that.

Two Rules of Engagement: Applies to All Players

  1. Choice is always present. You get to choose.
  2. What you focus on expands.

Two Moves in the Game

  1. Evaluate your thoughts. If they are positive and kind, keep going and stay focused on these messages. Then, practice visualization. See yourself move in the direction you want to go.
  2. Evaluate your thoughts. If they are negative, shift to a positive thought. Continue this process until your thoughts are positive. Whether you believe the positive statement or not during the process, continue to shift your focus to the positive thought and belief will come.

What head game do you play each day? Do you let your thoughts pull you around? Do you focus on positive or negative? Learn to take control over your thoughts and play the head game. Begin to see that you have a choice, each and every day to choose; what you focus on expands.

Let’s play. Game on!