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How is First Quarter Ending Up For You?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

by Susan Novicki

How did we get to March already? Does anyone feel like the New Year just started? Yet already we need to evaluate where we are ending first quarter and, more importantly how we are pacing to end second quarter and the year. Talking to many managers across the country, many of us are probably not happy with where we are ending it.

We know we have to increase our activity, make more quality calls, work more leads and get more solid appointments. But when salespeople and sales staffs are not hitting their numbers situations get stressful and difficult in the office. What does that do? Many times it tends to decrease a seller’s confidence in their ability to be successful. And what does that accomplish? Not much and it actually creates a vicious cycle, reducing our confidence so that a seller or manager feels weak and success becomes less achievable.

Yet we know what success looks like and that we are at our most successful when we are comfortable, exuding confidence in our demeanor and what we are saying while being passionate, authentic and enthusiastic. Each of us must continue to take the power and control over our destiny and on hitting and exceeding our budgets.

So how do we do that?  It all starts with assertiveness, confidence, and most importantly, power – that each seller and manager must take control of in any given situation. And a lot of this stems from our body language. I trained an inside sales staff a few months back and one of the things I talked about was exuding confidence because confidence equals power and power equals success.

Any person you do business with wants to work with someone who comes across extremely confident and powerful. I want to work with people who I feel can make a change for me and help me to exceed my objectives and that is the same with your clients and prospects. Many times it is the nonverbal communication that can become the catalyst both in creating the confidence and the power to be effective salespeople.

With the training that I did, I discussed the importance of nonverbal communication, which might seem a little strange in talking to inside salespeople that communicate over the phone and in emails. But our nonverbal communication can affect how we come across to people that cannot see us as much as it does with people that can. How are you sitting at your desk when you are making calls? What do you do to prepare to make those calls?

Create power positions – sit up straight – throw your arms out almost in a victory pose – puff your chest out – think about ways that you can create more confidence. Test this and see how you come across doing this versus sitting slouched in the chair with your arms wrapped around you or your head in your hands. Take a few minutes in between calls every half hour to re-power yourself – stand up, walk around with your arms wide open and puff your chest out. Even if you don’t feel it – fake it.

I recently watched a Ted video in which a social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, spoke about Power Posing and she suggested working on “high power poses…even faking it if we don’t feel it”. Do you think about that each time when you get on the phone or go out on a call? Do you always portray the confidence and passion in each conversation that creates success?

All of this translates through every stage of the selling process and is especially important when it comes to negotiating and closing the sale. But you can’t get there without first initiating interest and having a solid need analysis conversation to determine how you can help your client.

In closing, forget about first quarter – it is over. Let’s focus on moving forward and blowing away our numbers for second quarter and beyond. Start with your confidence in being able to make it happen.