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What are Your New Year Business Resolutions?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

by Susan Novicki

Happy New Year! Is anyone else sick of hearing that by now? With January comes the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions. Most of the time people decide they are going to exercise more, eat healthier, drink less, and/ or be more patient and understanding. But how many people assess their business and resolute to be more productive, more efficient, more focused to make more money? If you haven’t done it already, take a few minutes to assess your accomplishments for 2014. Did you make the money you expected to make? Would you have liked to make more?

More than likely you were happy with your accomplishments but there were probably some things that never came to fruition. Maybe you had to move in different directions because of a loss of business or not closing what you thought would close. Let’s start 2015 off positively to become more successful – creating resolutions that, unlike the typical resolutions such as losing weight that might last a few weeks, you commit to stick to throughout the year. This means constantly reviewing your resolutions and the strategy to make your goals a reality. Create a strategy that will work within your skills and your time constraints. Look at creating your strategy in four steps.

First, take a look at your current business:

  • Have you got all of your annuals in? How can you continue to grow them this year on top of what you have in place? Have you structured a solid digital and mobile campaign?
  • Are you deep enough into all aspects of the business? What else is your client trying to accomplish that has not been addressed in your annual plan?
  • Are there pockets of money that you are leaving on the table within other areas of the company – in corporate communications, sales, brand, field marketing, foundation, human resources, digital, etc.?
  • Do you know and communicate with all of the major decision-makers in the company?
  • Do you know the important “influencers”?
  • Do you know the current state of affairs at the company? What are they doing differently in 2015?
  • Create a list of priorities with each account and what you need to do to go deeper and generate more revenue.

Second, take a look at the list of prospects you are working:

  • Do you have enough prospects on your list to make the money you want to make?
  • Are you constantly adding new ones each week as you get appointments and move the sale forward?
  • Do some of them have to be shuffled aside for a while because there is no opportunity?
  • Do you have enough diversified leads based on the changing economy?
  • It is important to focus on categories of business that are of interest to you to be successful but you don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one category. Automotive continues to be on fire and is expected to surpass last year’s spectacular sales. Healthcare continues to grow at great rates and is poised for continued growth through 2015. Financial is healthy and robust with profitability abounding but competition is steadfast so companies need to set themselves apart – opportunity. With the economy continuing to grow, Real Estate and Home improvement are also poised for solid growth in 2015 as is Consumer Packaged Goods and Distilled Spirits.

Third, organize yourself each and every week.

  • A “resolution” or plan or strategy is only successful with continuous monitoring and tweaking. Every Sunday night, review what you need to accomplish for the following week. What did you accomplish the week prior? What did you not accomplish that you should add to the next week?
  • What do you need to do for your regular business? Are you executing efficiently? How are you growing this business digitally, through mobile?
  • What prospects are your priorities? Are they prioritized correctly and efficiently?
  • Who do you have to call back at a specific time based on the voicemail that you left last week?
  • Have you done enough research on the company? Have you Googled them this week?
  • Have you landscaped deep enough to call multiple points of contact?
  • When are you scheduling time to make the new prospect calls throughout the week? Slot them into your Outlook or calendar like they are actual appointments or sales calls.

Finally, review your accomplishments each Friday.

  • Have you hit the planned pitched business that you put into your strategy this week?
  • Based on your current activity, how are you pacing to hit your planned revenue numbers for each quarter?
  • What are you doing to increase the current activity to hit your goals?
  • Make this a part of your plan to prepare for next week on Sunday night.

If you do this each and every week, you will have a fantastically successful and profitable 2015.