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Stay Close to Your Clients

Friday, August 15th, 2014

by Kathrine Glass

I was recently in a meeting with an account executive and a client. The client doesn’t do traditional advertising. They have no advertising budget, per se, but they do sponsor one of the station’s events. They feel it is more of a community support effort vs. advertising.  Whenever the account executive has ever brought up the possibility of utilizing the station in other capacities, the client has always held firm that they don’t “advertise” and moved the conversation to another topic.

The client has always thought of the station in a very traditional way – only able to deliver spots and put banners on their website. However, the station, a lot like many of yours, has many, many ways to connect to possible customers and positively impact a businesses bottom line. It’s not just about spots and station website banners anymore. We have a multitude of marketing tools and expertise to meet various needs.

As we were discussing this year’s sponsorship elements the client mentioned that he was about to launch a campaign utilizing multiple digital platforms to reach possible new customers. He had connected with a company that specializes in digital marketing, never even thinking that the station could help him.  He had no idea that the station could provide him the expertise and services he needed, so he naively went with the station’s competitor. Ouch! Opportunity missed.

Missed opportunities happen to the best of us. How can you keep this from happening to you?

Communicate regularly and often with your clients.  Schedule business review meetings at least two times a year. This will provide you the platform to ask questions in a non-threatening way and also be able to highlight some of the new or finessed products, services and tools that your station is offering. It’s not a “sales” meeting. It’s a “get to know you/me” better meeting. Doing a business review, along with a short, targeted capabilities presentation, might be able to help both you and your client in the long run.

Fortunately the AE was fast on her feet and quickly asked more leading questions to find out exactly what the client was doing and what their objectives were.  She suggested that the station might have some tools that could augment the plan that the client had already put in place. The client agreed to a follow up meeting so that the station AE could share more details and further the discussion. He trusts the AE’s guidance and was excited to learn that she may be able to help him in his efforts.

They scheduled a meeting and the AE and digital manager met with the client and were able to secure a small schedule to augment what was already being done. In the end, the AE captured revenue, but more importantly realized that staying close to her clients can really make a difference long term.