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Using Research to Open the Door

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

by Susan Novicki

In any sales opportunity, the first priority is to determine a reason to initiate a call and engage the decision-maker. To do this, a good salesperson creates a valid business reason, or VBR, based on the research that has been gathered. This is the best way to both create some credibility and to get the attention of the decision-maker.

But most of the time we find that the “VBR” is not always the need of the decision-maker.

The easiest VBR is when a salesperson learns that there is a new product that is coming to market. Just last week I read in Morrison and Abraham’s Seller’s Source that Lexus, even though they have been trailing their German luxury competitors for three years, outsold Mercedes in May for the second time in five months and pulled closer to BMW so far this year. This fall they are scheduled to introduce the NX, the Lexus brand’s first compact crossover, and the RC sports coupe.

It is important to do a little research on the company so that, if we get someone on the phone, we can talk intelligently and get a homework assignment.

Knowing that often there are Tier 2 dollars to engage consumers in new vehicles, I called the District Manager for Lexus in the market that I was in last week. We got him on the phone and had a great conversation with him. But our VBR was not his need.

He told us that yes they were introducing the two new vehicles but his focus is on his lineup of sedans. In the luxury market, his SUVs do extremely well. The NX, a compact CUV, will more than likely blow out of the lots and the demand will far out way the supply.

Instead his focus is on moving the sedans through at the dealer level.   Still, if we had not done our research, we could not have had an intelligent conversation.

Reading the Morrison and Abraham profile we knew all of the sedans in their portfolio. We also knew what they are doing marketing and sponsorship wise and that Team One is their agency that of course we will be working with in tandem with the District Sales Manager.

We finished the conversation with a homework assignment and the opportunity to continue the conversation with the decision-maker – and it is not based on the VBR that we created to initiate the call.

Advance to the Next Level

Friday, June 20th, 2014

by Ginny Speaks

Ask yourself these questions …

How much time do I dedicate each week to calling prospects?

How many times do I call a prospect?

Is my voice message compelling to get a prospect to call me back?

If I were to hear my message, would I call myself back?

On average, it takes 5 phone calls and messages before a prospect will call back.

I spend quite a bit of my time on the phone with sellers coaching and making calls.  It is one of my favorite things to do as it is one of our most powerful tools to teach.We learn by observation, repetition and imitation.By fine-tuning our phone skills, we can improve our closing ratio.

In today’s working environment the power of phone skills is a key component to success. And this is where telecoaching can advance you to the next level in revenue generation.

To get the most out of telecoaching, one must plan accordingly.Once you establish your call list, do your research.The more you know about a prospect, the better the call with go. Knowledge breeds confidence and research sets you apart from your competition.  To aid in your research, request a company profile from Morrison and Abraham and read it thoroughly.  Pay attention to what the company is doing from a marketing perspective and highlight certain areas of interest that can be crafted into compelling questions.  Look for synergies with the brand/companies you are working and what your station has to offer.Take a look at the landscape of the company and locate the regional sales managers and regional marketing managers to call during your session.

The goal with telecoaching is to get the key decision maker on the phone and have an exploratory conversation to flush out a homework assignment. Remember the key to a great phone conversatio is asking compelling questions, not pitching packages.  Be prepared with a list of compelling questions to ask.

Keep in mind, we are calling non-traditional decision makers so it is very important to introduce yourself as a marketing company, not a media company.These decision makers have monies that are earmarked for local and regional promotions, not media.

Understanding the role of the decision maker, speaking their language and being prepared with key questions makes all the difference in world.  So take advantage of this service and do your homework before you book your telecoaching session.  Open your seller’s binders and learn the scripts and use them.

Just like anything in life … the more you do something the better you get!