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Are You Doing a Solid Needs Analysis with a Client?

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

by Susan Novicki

There are so many opportunities out there for us as salespeople.  Everyone is trying to market some product or service, generate revenue and improve their bottom line.  It is also about a solid ROI on everything that they do.  We can help and create success for ourselves if we fully understand the needs of the client and the initiatives that they have in place for the upcoming months.  How can we help them accomplish their goals and initiatives?  It’s all about the need analysis.

I was on a sales call last week meeting with the Marketing Director for a new health care provider start-up.There are so many of these companies popping up all over the country.Many of these are regional since every state has a different direction in how they are handling the Affordable Care Act.Time is of the essence for all of these companies – they are looking to sign up as many people as possible and the crunch time is upon them since March 15th is the deadline for April 1 coverage.  There is a two week grace period but after this any person not covered after April 1 will be penalized for not having coverage.  These companies need to get their message out – with information about their company and coverage and information about what the Affordable Care Act means to the individual.

And no one can help them better than all of us.

Everyone I talk to is looking for a total integrated program.  They are hiring a “street team”, in many instances, to go out into the community and educate people, garnering email addresses to follow up for a close.  But they legally cannot go door to door.  We can create the situations to gather the company’s key constituents in one place.

The key to all of this is doing a solid need analysis, understanding what the client is trying to do, who they are trying to reach, when they are trying to reach them, and how much money they have to reach these target consumers.  From this we create a customized integrated proposal, close it, execute it flawlessly, do a great recap and get the next homework assignment.  Easy!

The Escalator

Monday, January 13th, 2014

by Ginny Speaks

Like most of you, I spent December reviewing my year.  I established a list of things that went well during the year and things that did not.  Then used this as a guideline to write down my goals and map out a plan for 2014.  And here we are, at the beginning of 2014 and off to the races we go.  Fresh starts and new beginnings are always fun and exciting and embarking on a New Year seems to bring rejuvenation and energy.  So, while we are in this frame of mind, take a look at this video and ask yourself this question?  What do you do when the unexpected happens?   (30 seconds of the video will be enough  to get the idea without getting annoyed)

Hopefully, you found the video funny and somewhat disturbing all at the same time.  It is so obvious to us, the viewers, that all they needed to do was to take the next step.  This video really mimics our life out in the sales field.  We are moving along with our annual plans and making the calls and doing just fine, till one day, it happens – - the unexpected.  A major client changes their agency and we lose the business or that “for sure” 98% percent BIG close takes a nose dive because budgets were cut, or once again our list changes, as well as our compensation plan.    In essence, our escalator stops.

Then the proverbial question is … what do you do?   Do you stand still and blame those around you?  Do you get frustrated and call out for someone to rescue you?   Or, do you take the next step.  It really is just that obvious, but when we are in the thick of the forest it really is hard to see the trees.

So, next time your escalator stops this year, take a moment and recall this video, then take a deep breath in and out, and take the next step.  It is just that easy. For in movement, there is life.