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Are We Creating a Plan for Success for 2014?

Friday, October 11th, 2013

by Susan Novicki

Even though everything is doom and gloom at the national level with the federal government shutdown and the deadline for raising the debt ceiling fast approaching, business continues to move ahead.  We are all in the throes of fourth quarter and hopefully we are all additionally focused on getting

proposals out based on great need analysis meetings for big 2014 programs.

We should also be thinking about putting a plan together for 2014.  October is the month that budgets are being presented and finalized at the market level – you need to be creating your plans as to how you are going to reach the revenue goals for 2014.

To that end, this time of year is when we traditionally help our clients at the individual seller level to analyze their 2013 business and create a plan based on how much money they want to make next year.  You, as managers and sellers, need to look introspectively at your business and realistically analyze what happened this year.

  • What were the successes?
  • Are they coming back next year?
  • What didn’t close that you thought should have?  Can you work on this for next year?
  • What categories were great for you?
  • What categories do you want to focus on next year?
  • Can you go broader and deeper into your current accounts to develop more revenue?
  • What new prospects have you targeted for next year?
  • Are you in front of all of your clients for next year’s business?

As a seller you should be thinking about how much money you want to make– where is it going to come from?  We can’t rely on transactional business but we can be proactive and focus on developmental business and make a plan for that.

Everyone that we are talking to at this time is in the process of putting their plans and budgets together for next year.  We need to be talking to both clients and prospects about these plans and objectives and how we can help them exceed their goals. Conversations that I have had with everyone from Bank of America to Chevy to Unilever are looking at 2014.

The key to success is focusing on what the client is trying to accomplish next year – how can we help them accomplish their goals?   They are analyzing this year and putting a plan together for next year right now.  We need to do the same.  Take a few minutes to look back at this year – both positive and negative aspects – to help create a solid foundation for success next year.