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Welcome to Seller’s Edge

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
by Sue Novicki

Like many of you, I’m an avid reader and consumer of business information. On airplanes, at the gym or enjoying my weekends, I just can’t stop. As a consultant, I’m always “on” for gaining knowledge to help my clients drive new revenue.

But the forest of available information gets bigger and thicker every second – literally! So looking ahead to the trends that shape companies’ sales and marketing of products can be a full time job.

For many years, Morrison and Abraham has offered a monthly publication called Trends Tracker to help give our clients an edge when it comes to understanding and acting on trends.

Trends Tracker was a white paper designed to give a snapshot view of many trends affecting major categories of business serviced by media. During our recent client survey, your feedback convinced us that we needed to find new ways to deliver this important information.

Starting this month, we are excited to begin offering our clients these cutting-edge trends on industries and companies, and other gainful paths to useful tools and articles, through a new email publication called Seller’s Edge.

Trends are always a moving target, so we will be offering the email on a bi-weekly basis to keep you ahead of the game – in other words, to give you the “edge” you need to succeed.

In each issue you will find Top Trends with links to entire articles, Tech on the Edge for Digital Marketing, University Updates and a list of recently updated Company Profiles to use as leads. And every issue will also include a teaching blog written by one of Morrison and Abraham’s field consultants.

We hope you enjoy this first installment of Seller’s Edge. And thank you for your continuing support.

Sue Novicki – President and Info Junkie